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My InfoTech Journal!

My InfoTech Journal: Decoding the Networking Enigma: OSI vs. TCP/IP Reference Models

My InfoTech Journal: Decoding the Networking Enigma: OSI vs. TCP/IP Reference Models The OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Reference Model and the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) Reference Model: The OSI Reference Model and the TCP/IP Reference Model are both conceptual frameworks used to understand and standardize how different networking protocols and technologies interact. Here are some areas of comparison: 1. Number of Layers: OSI Model : It consists of seven layers: Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, and  TCP/IP Model : It has four layers: Network Interface, Internet, Transport, and Application. 2. L ayer Functionality: OSI Model : Tends to be more comprehensive and abstract, defining each layer's functions independently. TCP/IP Model : Reflects the actual implementation of the Internet and focuses on how protocols are used in practice. 3. Adoption / Use: OSI Model : Less commonly used in practice, but it is still valuab

Network Security: How to minimize the Risk of your Wireless Network

My InfoTech Journal: What you can do to minimize the risk of your wireless network? Access Points are usually targets for unauthorized access. You have to ensure that your access points are secured to prevent unauthorized access.  There are several ways of securing your wireless access points.  Here is a Security Tip from the US CISA. Change default password. Restrict access. Encrypt the data on your network. Protect your Service Set Identifier (SSID). Install a Firewall. Maintain Anti-Virus software.I Use file sharing with caution. Keep your access point software patched and up to date. Check your internet provider’s router or router manufacturers wireless security options. Connect Using Virtual Private Network (VPN). A more detailed discussion of this tip can be found in this post:   US CISA: Security Tip (ST 005-003) Securing Wireless Networks End Notes  US CISA: Security Tip Disclaimer   This article is a result of my personal research and is not a substitute for legal advise.  Ple

Password Security: What are the Best Practices for Password Security

My InfoTech Journal: Password Security  This article is just a reminder on the importance of Password Security . As we become more and more comfortable with using online services like banking, cloud drives for data repository, and other online services, we tend to be more relax and sometimes put our defences down. In most cases, we put our trust on the Service Provider’s security controls.  We oftentimes forget or tend to ignore the fact that these service providers are usual targets by cybercriminals and may one day fall victim to data breach and data leaks. Data leaks may include your account, password, and other personal information. We might not have control over the service provider’s security controls, but as End-Users we should at least take precautionary measures for the things we can control, most fundamental is to ensure a strong password for our accounts. Best Practices for Password Security  These are some best practices that can be useful to you. This article can also be a